5/3-5/9 Center Studio, YES YOGA, ZOOM & IN-STUDIO!
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Let's YOGA, Together:)

SO GRATEFUL for our Center Studio Community!  Thank YOU for YOU!  We start back, IN-STUDIO, this week on Thursday 6-7pm!  Currently, you will need to be vaccinated to practice in-studio.  Bring your own mat.  Please sign up ahead of time, as space will be limited.  We will continue to keep our Zoom Classes going, so you can join from the comfort of your home.  We're so excited to see everyone's smiling faces!
Please NOTE, Tuesday NIGHT 6-7pm ZOOM Core Strength YOGA has MOVED to WEDNESDAY NIGHT 6-7pm this week. If there's a time that's better for you and not on the schedule, let us know, would love to add more YOGA:).  To ZOOM in, it's super easy, just message us for the ZOOM LOGIN DETAILS.  Each Online Class Fee is $10.00, and IN-STUDIO Class Fee is $15.00,  just Venmo @CenterStudioYoga before the class starts or use your Class Card Credit. *If you don't have Venmo, no worries, check/cash accepted too.  We appreciate YOU!  
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Be You, Namaste:)




Growing up in the midwest, Annie played a lot of tennis.  That was her sport, her passion.  And when Annie was looking for a college that had a fantastic Environmental Studies program, and where she could also play Division 1 tennis, the University of Vermont was the perfect fit.  While Annie was at UVM, she ran her first marathon, which happened to be the 100th running of the Boston Marathon, and she never stopped running.  Annie has completed 12 marathons (including 2 in Chile), 4 Hood To Coasts, and some triathlons. Her love of sports and active bodies led her to a career at Nike, where Annie worked in the Americas Region from Nike's Santiago, Chile office, and ultimately at Nike's headquarters in Beaverton, OR, where she worked as the Global Product Line Manager for Tennis.  Annie and her husband, Chris, lived in Oregon for 8 years before deciding to move back to their home sweet college home of Vermont prior to having their two boys, Cannon and Boone.
     During Annie's pregnancy with Cannon, she started craving yoga, and started taking pre-natal yoga classes.  As a runner, Annie's body thanks her for doing yoga, and Ashtanga is such a disciplined, powerful routine that complements running.  Annie got to the point where she wanted more and more, and she wanted to share this gift with other people. Annie completed her yoga instructor certification in January 2018, and she is so happy to have the opportunity to share something, with our wonderful community, that makes you feel really good, and enhances each person’s holistic fitness with a complete connection between mind, body and soul, through yoga. 




Gina discovered yoga over 30 years ago when she enrolled in a class to fill a required gym credit in college. Despite the fact that the teacher was more than twice her age and had Parkinson's Disease, she was able to stand on her head with perfect balance - a feat that piqued Gina’s interest in the transformative power of yoga. For the next 25 years, Gina was on and off the mat, returning to yoga occasionally. It wasn't until her first Ashtanga class that yoga began to make real sense as a systematic method of practice, instead of a hodgepodge of postures. Ashtanga provides practitioners with specific tools to manage the physical aspects of yoga; the postures are always practiced in the same sequence so that the yogi becomes stronger and develops an internal awareness of how the body is responding each time they return to the mat. Because Ashtanga can be physically challenging, the practice is inherently imbued with mindfulness, and this is what ultimately connects the yogi to a psychological or spiritual path. As the oldest school of yoga, Ashtanga is also a lineage filled with beautiful tradition that connects yogis to its history, culture, and worldwide community.  Gina has completed her 300 hour Teacher Training at Yoga Vermont and is happy and humbled to lead the Primary Series at Center Studio.




 Mandy Bard went to the Bikram yoga teacher training in 2005 after practicing several disciplines because she wanted to teach yoga. in the 2010 & 2011 she participated in the USA yoga competition and made it to nationals both times. She attended Tony Sanchez Advanced yoga training in 2014 & has been happy to apply his teachings to her practice & teaching style. Mandy has been teaching the Core 40 (40 Posture Flow) since 2016 & has been thrilled with the positive attraction to it. She continues to learn more about teaching yoga  through self exploration, reading, her fellow teachers, family, nature & of course the students. The teaching & practicing of yoga is an integral part to Mandy's life & she is thrilled to share its benefits with all of you.




Center Studio YOGA

Welcome to Center Studio.  Our mission is to share something with our community that makes you feel really good, and enhances each person’s holistic fitness with a complete connection between mind, body and soul, through yoga.  Every layer of detail is about providing a peace and calm space to help create the environment to feel your best.
Be You, Feel Great.

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Monday, Friday, Saturday 8-9am & Wednesday Evening 6-7pm

Message us for Login Details.  We blend yoga, pilates, and fitness to strengthen our core, improve our posture, and increase overall flexibility and joint mobility. This class is an awesome way to focus our mind inward while toning our entire body.


Tuesday 7:30-8:30am &

Sunday 8-9am

Message us for Login Details. In this class you will focus on breath with movement. It is all about tuning into your own strength, energy, and flexibility to create space and flow in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.


Thursday 6-7pm

This popular class is based on the belief that mental and physical health are interrelated, and should be conditioned together. All of the classes at Center Studio Yoga attempt to coordinate breathing and physical movement, improve focus and concentration, and help participants regain control of their body and mind.



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Waterbury Center, VT 05677

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"So proud of this brave little yoga community for keeping the world spinning one collective breath at a time."

Gina Mirealut